Modern Door Hardware

ADH Fine Hardware is Canada’s residential luxury architectural hardware leader. Architects, interior designers, general contractors, door manufacturers and suppliers respect the relevant product offerings we offer.

Modern door hardware designs are popular in the 21st Century. 1920s Bauhaus and Mid-Century Modern 1950s and 1960s are the most specified door lever handle and hinge styles.

Functional minimalism with no redundant ornamentation is the essence of modernism.

Simple easy-to-use lever handle and knob designs with attractive rectangular and cylindrical shapes are typical of modern designs. Hamilton Sinkler, Classic Brass, Samuel Heath, Frank Allart, Ashley Norton, Buster & Punch, Rocky Mountain, Sun Valley Bronze, Olaria Barcelona and Formani are our manufacturers with excellent period reproduction and contemporary modern door lever and knob designs.

Modern hinges are hidden when doors are closed, with exceptions including the clean-lined 2-knuckle butt hinge (rather than the typical 5 knuckle traditional butt hinge). Tectus, FritsJurgen (pivot) and Accurate Lock & Hardware produce exceptional quality modern hinges. Hinges for frameless doors are available. Modern hinges allow for very wide and heavy doors when specified.

Harmon hinges manufactured by Accurate Lock & Hardware are available. They allow the door to align perfectly with millwork to almost disappear  into the wall when open.

Popular modern finishes are satin solid brass, polished solid bronze, electroplated polished chrome and PVD (life-time guaranteed ‘physical  vapour deposition’) black.