Electrified Storeroom Mortise Lock or Strike Plate

Exterior keyed-locking knob or lever handle mortise locksets are available in different functions to secure a door against unauthorized or forced entry. One type is named a storeroom function, as it is typically used for storerooms in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.
A storeroom mortise lock mechanism is never able to be left unlocked.

A storeroom function lock can also be installed on an exterior side door of a house to operate with an electronic keypad and/or Wi-Fi or key override. With only a deadlatch (no extra deadbolt) the security is not as good as a regular entry deadbolt mortise lock; convenience is the priority.

The storeroom mortise lock mechanism can be electrified by supplying electricity through an electric circuit that transfers power from a source through a hinge and continuing inside the door to the load (lock). Use of the keypad or Wi-Fi electronically retracts the latch.

Alternatively, the strike plate on the frame can be electrified, a less costly but less attractive option, as the strike plate is much larger and bulkier than a regular non-electrified strike plate. The use of the keypad or
Wi-Fi electronically opens the strike plate to release the latch.

The storeroom function lock has no interior locking turn-piece, as there is no deadbolt. The door is opened from the inside only with the operation of the knob/lever handle. As power is constantly applied to the electric circuit, the lock always remains locked from the outside unless mechanically unlocked with a key or with the use of the keypad or Wi-Fi temporarily interrupting the power supply so that the lock may be opened.