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Electrified Storeroom Mortise Lock or Strike Plate

Electrified Storeroom Mortise Lock or Strike Plate Exterior keyed-locking knob or lever handle mortise locksets are available in different functions to secure a door against unauthorized or forced entry. One type is named a storeroom function, as it is typically used for storerooms in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. A storeroom mortise lock mechanism is never able to be left unlocked. A storeroom function lock can also be installed on an exterior side door of a house to operate with an electronic keypad and/or Wi-Fi or key override. With only a deadlatch (no extra deadbolt) the security is not as good as a regular entry deadbolt mortise lock; convenience is the priority. The storeroom mortise lock mechanism can [...]

Electrified Storeroom Mortise Lock or Strike Plate2022-12-13T04:01:06-05:00

Transom Bolt

Transom Bolt In homes that have narrow walk-through double door openings, including principal bedroom entry and interior French doors, transom bolts are a convenient substitute for surface or flush bolts. Surface and flush bolts are awkward to use on the inactive door (strike plate – no latch) small pair of doors. A transom bolt does not require fingers to release a bolt. One only needs to open the active door (with latch) first and the inactive door of the pair is released of its positive locking position so that it can be opened. The transom bolt is installed in the header of the frame with the strike in the top of the door. It is available in 14 standard [...]

Transom Bolt2022-11-29T16:15:07-05:00

Cabinet Hinges by Armac Martin

Cabinet Hinges by Armac Martin Armac Martin of Birmingham, England manufacturers an exceptional quality #2300 period reproduction butt cabinet hinge with #2301 ball or steeple finial pair. The hinge is also available without finials for a clean modern aesthetic. As the two leaves of the hinge are mortised into a door and frame with two leaves butting up to each other, it is referred to as a butt hinge. During the 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain and her colonies, the Georgian (including the Regency) period occurred from 1714 until 1837 under the reign of four king Georges. At this time the architectural and interior design fashions were strongly influenced by the Classical world of the ancient Greeks, [...]

Cabinet Hinges by Armac Martin2022-11-07T17:52:40-05:00

Futurist Machine Aesthetic in Door Hardware Designs

Futurist Machine Aesthetic in Door Hardware Designs During the early 20th century in Europe an extreme aesthetic for modernism established itself within philosophical, musical, architectural, sculptural, painting, literature, film, interior and industrial design. Efficiency was celebrated. The machine was valued as the ideal. Ecological concerns for the environment were little considered. This movement celebrated what became known as the “Machine Aesthetic”, with references to Cartesian and Newtonian reductionist axioms that stated that the world and universe were in-effect like machines that could be understood by reducing the whole to singular parts. The machine was idealized and the natural world was ignored. Buck Rogers, Superman and the film Metropolis were representative of this futurist time. By the late 1920s [...]

Futurist Machine Aesthetic in Door Hardware Designs2022-10-25T18:25:56-05:00

‘Lines’ Minimalist Cabinet Knob

‘Lines’ Minimalist Cabinet Knob Carlisle Brass of Carlisle, England manufacturers an exceptional quality minimalist cabinet knob named ‘Lines’. ADH Fine Hardware is the exclusive distributor of Carlisle Brass cabinet (and architectural) hardware in North America. The ‘Lines’ knob extends 30 mm from the face of a cabinet door or drawer with an 18 mm diameter. The knob is made of solid brass and available in 5 finishes: satin brass, antique brass, matt black, satin nickel and polished chrome. This transitionally designed knob is understatedly conservative and stylish in form, as its fluting (i.e. its ‘Lines’) is reminiscent of a neoclassical column. The fluting is equally attractive as functional. The architect Louis H. Sullivan’s phrase “Form follows Function”, while [...]

‘Lines’ Minimalist Cabinet Knob2022-10-27T16:24:02-05:00

Suite Entry Door Hardware in High-Rise Apartment Buildings

Suite Entry Door Hardware in High-Rise Apartment Buildings With reference to the Ontario Condominium Act (1998), all high-rise building suite entry doors are owned by the condominium corporation as common elements; not owned by the individual condominium apartment unit owner. All condo apartment interior corridor doors must have a minimum 20 minute fire-rating. As the doors must have a minimum 20 minute fire-rating, all door hardware must be fire-rated too to ULC (Underwriters Laboratories Canada Inc.) standards. This also applies to rental apartment buildings. The hinges on suite entry doors must be made of steel and with ball-bearings. The internal locking mechanisms may be tubular, cylindrical or mortise. With very few exceptions, the trims (lever handle and backplate) [...]

Suite Entry Door Hardware in High-Rise Apartment Buildings2022-10-27T16:24:10-05:00

Rare Earth Magnet by Precision Brand

Rare Earth Magnet Previously only roller catches, ball catches or low-quality magnetic catches were available for keeping dummy doors closed (single and double dummy doors are usually for openings to vestibule and bedroom closets). Ball and roller catches are noisy. The noisy “clickety-clack” of the opening and closing of doors with traditional mechanical catches is unappealing. Strong and quiet earth magnets are now available by Precision Brand for dummy doors. Available for about the same price as a good quality ball or roller catch, they have an added advantage over conventional mechanical catches: they are hidden when the door is fully closed so that they are perfect where a clean modernist aesthetic is desired. When installed, the positive [...]

Rare Earth Magnet by Precision Brand2022-10-27T16:23:56-05:00

ADH Fine Hardware Studio in Toronto

ADH Fine Hardware Studio in Toronto ADH Fine Hardware’s showroom at 1750 Avenue Road between Lawrence Avenue and the 401 in North Toronto is recognized as having one of Toronto’s best selections of luxury door and cabinet hardware on display. Next door to the ADH showroom at 444 St. Germain Avenue is the ADH Studio for interior designers, architects, general contractors and homeowners to review door and cabinet hardware within the context of floor plans and elevations. Unlike our showroom where most items are attached to wall displays, the Studio allows for a more direct experience with the hardware, as individual pieces can be handled for better appreciation. By appointment only, we invite you to please contact us [...]

ADH Fine Hardware Studio in Toronto2022-08-22T19:57:09-05:00

Manhattan Bathroom Accessories by Hamilton Sinkler

Manhattan Bathroom Accessories Hamilton Sinkler of New York produces exceptionally well-designed bathroom accessories. The Manhattan collection of robe hook, tissue holder, towel bars and towel ring is available in both polished nickel and polished chrome finishes. As the accessories are copper-electroplated over solid brass before having a nickel or chrome electroplated finish applied, the result is a stunning mirror finish. The Manhattan bathroom accessory designs are cylindrical. This Modernist collection has a distinctly Danish aesthetic. As functional as they are minimalist, they are surprisingly affordable. The Manhattan collection of bath accessories would complement bathrooms where the best Scandinavian-manufactured faucets have been specified. The beautiful taps by the Danish manufacturer Vola come to mind. -rs

Manhattan Bathroom Accessories by Hamilton Sinkler2022-08-22T19:48:29-05:00

Door Indicator Bolt by Samuel Heath

Door Indicator Bolt Samuel Heath, a manufacturer of solid brass door and plumbing products from Birmingham, England has been producing door lever handles, door knobs, door knockers, bell buttons, cabinet hardware, window fittings, door closers, faucets and bath accessories, along with very special items including their ‘Door Indicator Bolt’. Door indicator bolts were first used in nautical applications to identify if the head (washroom) is in use. Later it was popular for Edwardian bathrooms at the turn of the century. In the mid-20th Century the bolt began to be used in airplanes. Where a traditional aesthetic and charm is desired on a washroom door, door indicator bolts are often specified. Particularly popular for powder rooms, the Samuel Heath [...]

Door Indicator Bolt by Samuel Heath2022-08-22T19:40:08-05:00

Period Reproduction Bronze Doorstops by Hamilton Sinkler

Period Reproduction Bronze Doorstops ADH Fine Hardware, with locations in Toronto and Montreal, provides unique door and cabinet hardware products for homes requiring period reproduction items. As the German-American Bauhaus architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, famously stated “God is in the Details!”. In fine residential construction and renovation projects, the best interior designers and architects don’t forget the importance of the small items that are often little considered. Hamilton Sinkler of New York, NY manufacturers period reproduction baseboard (wall) and floor doorstops from the first half of the 20th Century. These very special reproductions of Arts & Crafts and simple Colonial Revival designs are authentically manufactured in a copper alloy of solid cast bronze: 90% copper and [...]

Period Reproduction Bronze Doorstops by Hamilton Sinkler2022-08-22T19:34:40-05:00

Finish Codes of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA)

Finish Codes of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) Residential door and cabinet hardware manufacturers produce different versions of popular finishes. There is often little or no consistency between producers. An oil-rubbed bronze finish can be almost black from one firm and medium brown from another. A satin nickel finish can appear to be a satin stainless steel from one company and an antique satin nickel from another. One reason that residential hardware has many variations of the same finish is because hand-finishing occurs and is often applied differently from one item to another. Door hardware manufacturers that produce commercial, institutional and industrial hardware most often follow exacting finish standards from the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) in [...]

Finish Codes of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA)2022-08-12T17:00:00-05:00

Serozzetta Lever Handle by Carlisle Brass

Serozzetta Lever Handle ADH Fine Hardware is pleased to introduce modern lever handle sets from Carlisle Brass of Carlisle Brass in northern England. Designed in Italy, these lever handle sets are available in passage, privacy, dummy and keyed locking functions. The antique brass finish available for the Serozzetta lever handle has an appearance reminiscent of the finest aged bronzes. The attractive fluting provides extra grip. We’re receiving regular shipments of the beautiful Serozzetta lever handle. Lead times are about 3 weeks. We’re particularly excited about the new Serozzetta lever handle and rose, as its fluted lever has a modern design with neoclassical influences. With a surprisingly low price, this sophisticated handle is ideal for residences where understated simplicity [...]

Serozzetta Lever Handle by Carlisle Brass2022-08-22T20:06:51-05:00

Condominium Suite Entry Door Locks

Condominium Suite Entry Door Locks - Fire Regulations ADH Fine Hardware supplies and installs secure, durable and attractive suite entry door locksets for condominium buildings in Ontario and Quebec. A suite entry door for an individual high-rise condominium apartment usually separates the apartment unit from a corridor. The door and all associated hardware is a ‘fire assembly’; a barrier against the spread of fire. A condominium suite entry lockset in a high-rise apartment building must be tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in the United States and Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC) in Canada. A high-rise apartment suite entry lockset must prevent the spread of fire for a minimum of 20 minutes. The fire safety importance of the [...]

Condominium Suite Entry Door Locks2022-08-12T16:24:19-05:00

Armac Martin Slot Head Screws

Armac Martin Slot Head Wood Screws Traditional cabinet hardware was installed by hand screwdrivers using slot screws. Slot heads are the most attractive of screw head designs and are installed mostly in luxury residential homes today. With few exceptions, slot head screws should be installed vertically, a convention that became established in the English-speaking world during Victorian times when the Gothic Revival emphasized vertical lines leading the eye to heaven. Modern Robertson (square) head and Philips (cross) head wood screws are useful for electric drills as the drill bit can hold the screw for fast and easy installation. (Interestingly, P.L. Robertson of Milton, Ontario was granted a patent in 1909 for his industrial square headed wood screw invention. [...]

Armac Martin Slot Head Screws2022-07-30T17:33:52-05:00

Farnsworth Lever Handle

Farnsworth Lever Handle from 1950 “Less is More”, stated Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), the famous Modernist German-American architect. As the last director of the Bauhaus School of Weimar, Germany, he emigrated to the United States before WWII. His designs were simple architectural forms with rational proportions that excluded extraneous detailing. His most famous project in Canada is the Modernist ‘International Style’ Toronto-Dominion Centre, the first building of this complex having been built in 1967. The 1950 Farnsworth House of Plano, Illinois was designed by Mies van der Rohe and included a custom-designed lever handle by the architect. The drawings of the lever handle are at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City. Today the [...]

Farnsworth Lever Handle2022-07-30T11:45:13-05:00

Modern Door Hardware

Modern Door Hardware ADH Fine Hardware is Canada's residential luxury architectural hardware leader. Architects, interior designers, general contractors, door manufacturers and suppliers respect the relevant product offerings we offer. Modern door hardware designs are popular in the 21st Century. 1920s Bauhaus and Mid-Century Modern 1950s and 1960s are the most specified door lever handle and hinge styles. Functional minimalism with no redundant ornamentation is the essence of modernism. Simple easy-to-use lever handle and knob designs with attractive rectangular and cylindrical shapes are typical of modern designs. Hamilton Sinkler, Classic Brass, Samuel Heath, Frank Allart, Ashley Norton, Buster & Punch, Rocky Mountain, Sun Valley Bronze, Olaria Barcelona and Formani are our manufacturers with excellent period reproduction and contemporary modern [...]

Modern Door Hardware2022-07-25T20:29:14-05:00

International Clientele

Over the past few months ADH has been pleased with the large amount of orders from our American friends south of the Canadian border seeking high quality cabinet and door (architectural) products. We are pleased to provide popular stylish and durable cabinet and door (architectural) hardware products from our partners including: FritsJurgen Pivot Door Hinges Tectus Concealed Door Hinges St. Louis Touch Latches Classic Brass Apres, Palmer, Ridge, Portside Edge Pulls and Shore collections in cabinet and appliance pull handle functions. Armac Martin Cotswold, Queslett, Bromsgrove, Bournville and Bromwich collections in cabinet and appliance pull handle functions. Hamilton Sinkler cabinet knobs and pulls in the exceptional Metropolitan Collection Ashley Norton cabinet knobs and pulls Buster and Punch cabinet pull handles, electrical [...]

International Clientele2022-07-18T20:59:55-05:00

L Ridge Pull

“L Ridge” Pull by Classic Brass of Jamestown, NY ADH Fine Hardware’s reputation for providing the finest cabinet hardware in Canada is exemplified by its popular “L Ridge” pull from the manufacturer Classic Brass of Jamestown, New York. Reminiscent of the architectural cantilever, the “L Ridge” pull’s design is the combination of a cylinder projecting horizontally from a vertical base support piece. The cantilever is fundamental to Modernist luxury residential built form. Frank Lloyd Wright, considered America’s greatest Mid-Century residential architect, designed the stunning 1936 “Falling Water” house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania with a series of cantilevered shelves over a stream. The Classic Brass “L Ridge” pull is an outstanding representation of the iconic [...]

L Ridge Pull2022-07-06T02:54:13-05:00

Cremone Bolts

Square Cremone Bolt Available in 37 finishes from Jamestown, New York, Classic Brass manufactures a design of American cremone bolt that transitions between a traditional and modern form. Merriam-Webster defines a cremone bolt for each door or window of a pair as a “fastening that has vertical rods moving up and down with its ends engaging in the top and bottom of the frame”. This hardware can also be installed on large cabinet doors. Cremone Bolts were first widely used in France on “French Doors” (pair of glass doors with wood frames) in the 18th century and may have been originally used in the city of Cremone in Lombardy, Italy near Milan. ADH Fine Hardware is Canada’s [...]

Cremone Bolts2022-07-06T02:44:00-05:00