Floating Doorstop for Bathroom

ADH Fine Hardware’s unique approach to sourcing the world’s finest architectural and decorative hardware results in our providing clever solutions to difficult circumstances where required.

Our popular hockey puck-shaped floor doorstop is ideal for a bathroom floor where drilling into a tiled floor or a bathtub is impractical.

With a 90 mm diameter and 36 mm height, our satin (brushed) stainless steel floor doorstop is heavy at almost 4 lbs. With its significant weight, the doorstop does not move, unless it is hit with excessive force. The doorstop is floating, requiring no mounting screws into the floor.

As the doorstop is manufactured with a black rubber band around the circumference of the doorstop, the opening door is protected from the stop. The bottom of the doorstop has rubber too, so that the doorstop does not damage the floor.

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