Armac Martin

Armac Martin Armac Martin, the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of luxury cabinet knobs and pulls, has made exceptional cast and machined hardware since 1929 in Birmingham, England. Beautiful Armac Martin finishes are available in polished, antiqued, satin and patinated brasses. Hand-polished electroplated nickels and chromes, for maximum durability and richness of finish, are also available. Bespoke services are offered, including CAD technical drawings and resin 3D printed prototypes for custom knobs and pulls. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Armac Martin products in our online store.

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ADH – STRAAT Hardware

ADH - STRAAT Hardware ADH – STRAAT Hardware, with our Canadian and foreign manufacturing partners, offers stunning products at exceptional prices. We offer bespoke services, including original CAD drawings and resin prototypes, from our Toronto Studio before manufacturing. Shop best-selling ADH-STRAAT products at our online store.

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Olaria Barcelona

Olaria Barcelona Joaquín Olaria García founded the company in 1934, dedicated to produce the highest quality hardware in artisan way. Joaquín Olaria Aguilar followed him and currently it is managed by his son, Albert Olaria Ricart. Olaria has supplied high end hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer, Casa Milà (in 1987) of Gaudi architect, Old Ritz Hotel, Avenida Palace Hotel, refurbishment of Majestic Hotel, and luxury commercial shops in the city and yachts. Shop Olaria Barcelona at our online store.

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Classic Brass

Classic Brass Classic Brass, founded in 1996 by J. Christopher Creighton, manufactures exceptional period reproduction cabinet knobs, pulls and door hardware. Inspired by original Federal, American Bauhaus and contemporary 21st-century designs, Classic Brass is a world leader in exceptional quality, handcrafted solid brass hardware. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Classic Brass products in our online store.

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Schaub The Lumiere knob by Schaub evokes the turning light beams of United States West Coast lighthouses. The complementing handle is an abstract addition. Manufactured with the highest quality polymethyl methacrylate acrylic glass, this charming contemporary design excites with its romantic coastal charm. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Schaub products at our online store.


Sun Valley Bronze Hardware

Sun Valley Bronze Family owned and operated since 1992, Sun Valley Bronze is the original solid bronze cabinet and door furniture company produced with alloys of copper and architectural-grade silicon. Located in the resort town of Sun Valley in Idaho, the manufacturer creates magnificent hardware with refined finishes. All pieces are hand-finished and unique, with no two pieces ever looking exactly alike. Sun Valley Bronze’s designs include stylish handles that may be ordered with sophisticated bespoke wood inlays. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Sun Valley Bronze products at our online store.

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Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware Award winning Rocky Mountain Hardware uses only the finest art-grade bronzes to create beautiful hardware pieces that are lifetime guaranteed. Founded by Mark and Patsy Nickum in Idaho, RMH produces cabinet knobs, handles and door furniture ideal for recreational properties where a casual yet luxurious appearance is desired. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Rocky Mountain Hardware products at our online store.

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Olaria Barcelona

Olaria Barcelona Founded in Barcelona, Catalonia, in 1934, Olaria is a family firm famous for Mid-Century Modern period reproductions. Known for its signature hand-hammered surfaces, the family takes great pride in producing individual pieces with exceptional craftsmanship. Olaria is recognized for its significant contributions to the supply of elegant handles for some of Europe’s finest yachts. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Olaria Barcelona products at our online store.

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Canadian Builders Hardware

CBH Canadian Builders Hardware, with its factory in Toronto, is Canada’s premier manufacturer of solid brass, solid bronze and architectural-grade stainless steel cabinet hardware for modern homes. As CBH has its own dedicated and propriety electroplating facilities within its premises, this manufacturer produces stunning finishes at exceptional prices, including custom pieces. Manufacturer's website:

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Top Knobs

Top Knobs Top Knobs is an American supplier of decorative hardware for kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturers. Founded in 1994, this firm is popular with interior designers, as its designs are relevant to changing home fashions. Always at the forefront of interesting American home trends, Top Knobs continues to evolve with new styles that elicit approval from all with good design sense. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Top Knobs products at our online store.

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ALNO Located in Sylmar, California, next to the Los Angeles National Forest, Alno is known for its exceptional minimalist designs. The renowned German-American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, famous for stating, “Less is More”, would have been tremendously impressed with the functional simplicity of Alno designs. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Alno products at our online store.



EMTEK Founded in 1981, Emtek is a division of the world’s largest door openings hardware manufacturer, ASSA Abloy. Located near Pasadena, California, their popular designs and competitive pricing reflect both West and East coast American influences. With traditional and contemporary knobs and handles, Emtek has wonderful designs to please all. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling EMTEK products at our online store.



Belwith-Keeler With a history dating back to 1893, Belwith-Keeler has a tradition of designing and producing unique cabinet knobs and handles for America’s furniture manufacturers. The brand prides itself on fashionable and relevant detailing that takes its influences from the best of interior home trends. Fine kitchens and bathrooms look stunning with Belwith-Keeler. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Belwith-Keeler products at our online store. Hickory Hardware Hickory Hardware, a division of Belwith Products, LLC, manufacturers popular cabinet knobs and handles at competitive pricing. With 48 finishes, the brand complements all cabinet door and drawer paint and stain colours. Manufacturer's catalogue:


Water Street Brass

Water Street Brass With over 30 custom finishes, Water Street Brass is made by the most experienced artisans in America’s number one cabinet hardware manufacturing centre: Chautaqua County, New York. The range is breathtaking and includes Neoclassical, Gothic, Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus and contemporary designs. Water Street Brass cabinet hardware is manufactured in solid brass with exquisite craftsmanship. Precision-made with clean cuts and expert hand polishing for bright finishes, the company offers the finest jewelry for the home. Shop Water Street Brass at our online store. Manufacturer's website:

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Hamilton Sinkler

Hamilton Sinkler Hamilton Sinkler, based in Manhattan, manufactures stunning cabinet knobs and handles. Made of the highest quality solid brass materials, this cabinet hardware is produced with state-of-the-art machining and expert casting processes. According to your specifications, custom finishes can be hand-polished, hand-brushed and hand-hammered. Hamilton Sinkler has produced unique hardware for many of New York City’s finest homes, including the prestigious Baccarat Residences, located by the Rockefeller Center. Manufacturer's catalogue: Shop best-selling Hamilton Sinkler products at our online store.

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