Cabinet Hinges by Armac Martin

Armac Martin of Birmingham, England manufacturers an exceptional quality #2300 period reproduction butt cabinet hinge with #2301 ball or steeple finial pair. The hinge is also available without finials for a clean modern aesthetic. As the two leaves of the hinge are mortised into a door and frame with two leaves butting up to each other, it is referred to as a butt hinge.

During the 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain and her colonies, the Georgian (including the Regency) period occurred from 1714 until 1837 under the reign of four king Georges. At this time the architectural and interior design fashions were strongly influenced by the Classical world of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. This Georgian period occurred during Britain’s ‘scientific’ Enlightenment as a reaction against the earlier Medieval centuries of unquestioned Christian faith. The neoclassical (i.e. new classical) butt hinge is most popularly represented with a ball finial at the top and bottom of the hinge. The spherical shape is from ancient Greek Euclidian and Platonic mathematical geometries. The ancient Greeks believed that truths could be mathematically explained. The ball finial is symbolic of rational neoclassical thought.

After the Georgian period ended in the 1830s, the Victorian age began with a return to medieval religious values. Victorian Christians valued spiritual beliefs over rational thought. Because of this change in religious attitudes, by the 1850s Christian church design was becoming reinterpretations of medieval churches. Known as the Gothic Revival, steeples were an important architectural detail representing faith, as they lead the eye up to the direction of heaven for unquestioned guidance.

Armac Martin butt cabinet hinges are manufactured in heights of 50mm, 64mm and 76mm with 38mm, 50mm and 50mm widths respectively. Made of solid brass, they are available in many finishes. They are supplied with historically accurate slot screws that should be installed with the slots being vertical.

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