Bromwich Flush Pull

ADH Fine Hardware offers unique cabinet hardware solutions for kitchens with space constraints.

During the Napoleonic Wars from 1803-1815, the French Navy maximized storage capacity in its holds with recessed pulls that did not project from the face of storage trunks. Today, in reference to Napoleon’s military campaigns, these flush pulls are referred to as campaign hardware, as the trunks were often transferred off naval vessels for transport in vehicles supporting ground force campaigns.

The Bromwich flush pull design by Armac Martin of Birmingham, England, is a modified interpretation of the classic campaign flush pull with its perpendicular angles and clean lines.

As it does not project from the face of a drawer, the pull is ideal for small kitchen spaces where injury may occur due to confined spaces between cabinetry.

The Bromwich flush pull is manufactured from the finest solid brass alloy and is hand-finished to fine jewellery standards.

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