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Floating Doorstop

Floating Doorstop for Bathroom ADH Fine Hardware’s unique approach to sourcing the world’s finest architectural and decorative hardware results in our providing clever solutions to difficult circumstances where required. Our popular hockey puck-shaped floor doorstop is ideal for a bathroom floor where drilling into a tiled floor or a bathtub is impractical. With a 90 mm diameter and 36 mm height, our satin (brushed) stainless steel floor doorstop is heavy at almost 4 lbs. With its significant weight, the doorstop does not move, unless it is hit with excessive force. The doorstop is floating, requiring no mounting screws into the floor. As the doorstop is manufactured with a black rubber band around the circumference of [...]

Floating Doorstop2022-06-09T14:53:40-05:00

Crossways Cabinet Knob

Crossways Hexagonal Cabinet Knob ADH Fine Hardware’s Crossways cabinet knob by Armac Martin of Birmingham, England is reminiscent of the glamourous Art Deco style of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Bold geometric shapes are the hallmark of the Art Deco style. The hexagon was popular for black and white floor tiles, light fixture sconces, faucets and towel bars in stunning Coco Chanel and Hollywood-influenced kitchens and bathrooms. The Crossways cabinet knob is available in an 1-1/4” size in many finishes. Art Deco was the epitome of luxury in the early 20th Century. Consider our Armac Martin Crossways cabinet knob and complementing pull handle from the same collection for a timeless expression of geometric elegance. -rs [...]

Crossways Cabinet Knob2022-06-07T14:53:28-05:00

Crossways Pull

Crossways Hexagonal Cabinet Pull ADH Fine Hardware’s Crossways cabinet pull by Armac Martin of Birmingham, England is reminiscent of the glamourous Art Deco style of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Bold geometric shapes are the hallmark of the Art Deco style. The hexagon was popular for black and white floor tiles, light fixture sconces, faucets and towel bars in stunning Coco Chanel and Hollywood-influenced kitchens and bathrooms. The Crossways cabinet pull is available in many sizes and finishes, including an attractive appliance handle. Art Deco was the epitome of luxury in the early 20th Century. Consider our Armac Martin Crossways Pull for a timeless expression of geometric elegance. -rs

Crossways Pull2022-06-07T14:53:18-05:00

Sparkbrook Collection

Sparkbrook Collection ADH Fine Hardware’s exceptionally designed Sparkbrook collection by Armac Martin of Birmingham, England, is the epitome of applied arts in decorative cabinet hardware. With functional and attractive diamond-knurled detailing, the Sparkbrook T-Bar, Knob and cabinet pull handles evoke Bauhaus functional forms with luxury residential associations. Ideal for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, Sparkbrook cabinet hardware is manufactured from the finest solid brass alloys and each piece is hand-finished to fine jewellery standards. Shop the Sparkbrook Collection in our Online Store. -rs

Sparkbrook Collection2022-06-07T14:53:08-05:00

Bromwich Flush Pull

Bromwich Flush Pull ADH Fine Hardware offers unique cabinet hardware solutions for kitchens with space constraints. During the Napoleonic Wars from 1803-1815, the French Navy maximized storage capacity in its holds with recessed pulls that did not project from the face of storage trunks. Today, in reference to Napoleon’s military campaigns, these flush pulls are referred to as campaign hardware, as the trunks were often transferred off naval vessels for transport in vehicles supporting ground force campaigns. The Bromwich flush pull design by Armac Martin of Birmingham, England, is a modified interpretation of the classic campaign flush pull with its perpendicular angles and clean lines. As it does not project from the face of a drawer, the pull [...]

Bromwich Flush Pull2022-05-19T16:08:56-05:00

Portside Collection

Portside Collection The great 20th Century Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, declared in his 1927 manifesto Vers une Architecture (in English known as Towards a New Architecture) that the ideal home must be designed with the efficiencies inherent in aeroplanes, automobiles and boats. Fundamental to efficient and beautiful nautical forms is the gunwale, the top edge of a hull that protects and aids in the securing of fenders. ADH Fine Hardware’s popular Portside Collection by Classic Brass of Jamestown, New York, has recently introduced stunning cabinet pulls evocative of the gunwales on the finest of racing and cruising yachts. Available in many sizes and functions, including beautifully formed functional appliance pulls, this nautically inspired collection is made only of [...]

Portside Collection2022-06-07T14:17:43-05:00

St. Louis Touch Latches

St. Louis Touch Latch ADH Fine Hardware has an excellent reputation for the provision of speciality architectural hardware items. Our durable St. Louis touch latch for full-sized doors is a favourite item. The St. Louis touch latch is manufactured in Austin, Texas. Made of the strongest materials with an anodized black finish, this patented (US patent 6,669,250) hidden latch is much stronger than what is typically available for doors that are required to disappear into the wall surface with no door hardware visible from the outside. With an opening force of 10 lbs, it is easily installed, quiet, durable, efficient, reliable and able to withstand much abuse without becoming damaged. This product is not available to be [...]

St. Louis Touch Latches2022-05-19T16:11:33-05:00

Water Street Brass Reed

Reed The Arts & Crafts movement of late Victorian and Edwardian times in England and Wales was often expressed in wallpapers with natural designs, favouring floral patterns. Our Reed cabinet knobs and handles represent respect for the natural world, with hope for future generations. “The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make.” - William Morris.

Water Street Brass Reed2022-05-18T11:31:16-05:00

Carlisle Lines Cabinet Collection

Lines Carlisle Brass of Carlisle, England produces exceptional quality cabinet hardware. The manufacturer’s new ‘Lines’ collection is available in 5 popular finishes and 4 sizes. As of June 2022, ADH Fine Hardware will inventory the pulls in satin brass and flat black in 128mm, 160mm, 224mm and 320mm sizes (centre of first drill hole to centre of second drill hole). The pulls are modern interpretations of traditional fluted pulls with design influences from classical Greek and Roman orders. Fluting refers to narrow vertical or horizonal grooves. The first columns in ancient Greece were made of wood (not stone) and were shaved of their bark by woodworkers who inadvertently created vertical gouges; later to be stylized into what later [...]

Carlisle Lines Cabinet Collection2022-05-18T11:53:46-05:00

Water Street Brass Port Royal

Port Royal As with our Jamestown and Decorative collections, our Port Royal knobs and handles include neoclassical designs inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. Our stunning Water Street Brass Port Royal V, VI and VII knobs were inspired by the architrave element of classical architecture, the horizontal stone beam resting atop the columns, as part of both the Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome. -rs

Water Street Brass Port Royal2022-03-10T16:42:29-05:00

Water Street Brass Madison

Madison The minimalist machine Bauhaus style from the 1920s is void of ornamentation. Functionalism is paramount. As Mies van der Rohe, the famous Modernist German-American architect stated, “Less is More!”. Shop our online store for Madison Cabinet Hardware -rs

Water Street Brass Madison2022-02-28T16:25:44-05:00

Alex Apreda at Water Street Brass

Alex Apreda of ADH Fine Hardware visited Water Street Brass in Western New York State and filmed cabinet hardware being manufactured in their state-of the-art facilities. High quality Water Street knobs and pulls are machined with precision tooling by American craftspeople with exceptional talents. Unlike sand and investment castings and forgings, this hardware is CNC-machined before being electroplated where required and hand-polished.  This produces clean and precise shapes and detailing typical of high quality jewellery particularly where a modern aesthetic is desired. Shop Water Street Brass in our Online Store -rs

Alex Apreda at Water Street Brass2022-02-22T16:37:40-05:00

Chrome & Nickel Finishes

Chrome versus Nickel. Cabinet knobs and handles, door knobs, levers, hinges and various other types of decorative and architectural door hardware require finishes that complement the colours found in the paints, tiles, stone, wood and glass frames. Often we are mistakenly asked at ADH Fine Hardware to provide houses with polished or satin (brushed) chrome for homes requiring hardware with warm finishes. Home owners sometimes confuse the two terms chrome and nickel. Chrome appears cool in appearance; nickel appears warm. ADH’s chromes have an electroplated finish over brass or steel (and sometimes zinc) that has a very slightly blue-coloured finish created from a complex mixture of hues produced during the electroplating process. Cool chrome is ideal for [...]

Chrome & Nickel Finishes2022-01-19T22:28:55-05:00

System M32+ Concealed Pivot Hinge by FritsJurgens

ADH Fine Hardware is pleased to supply the exceptional System M family of concealed pivot hinges. Manufactured by FritsJurgens in The Netherlands, these hinges are concealed within doors when open or closed without typical unsightly side-plates on the bottom of doors. The newer System M32+ pivot hinge operates on doors up to 770 lbs and has an adjustable speed control for the last 30 degrees of closing, including the last 10 degrees of latching control. This allows for large and heavy doors that are very safe to operate, including being used in regular 105 degree operating doors that would typically function with conspicuous butt or concealed-when-closed hinges. -rs

System M32+ Concealed Pivot Hinge by FritsJurgens2022-02-14T16:27:55-05:00

The Gladstone Hotel Elevator Button Plate

Gladstone Hotel Elevator Button Plate. The great 20th Century French-American designer, Raymond Loewy, had a tremendous influence on streamlined-looking fashionable product and industrial designs, including decorative hardware plates for light switches, electrical outlets and the very special solid bronze elevator stop button plates of Canada’s magnificently restored Gladstone Hotel. Loewy’s influence was without precedence. His own original designs included the iconic 1934 locomotive for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Greyhound Silversides motor coach of 1940. He affected all forms of interior fashion, from the late 1920s to the 1950s. Other designers copied his streamlined look in electrical plates, toasters, radios, clocks, chrome furniture and Bakelite cabinet knobs and pulls. The Toronto Gladstone Hotel was built in 1889 in the [...]

The Gladstone Hotel Elevator Button Plate2021-11-26T19:23:58-05:00

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” – Bauhaus Door Lever

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” – Bauhaus. One of the best ways to appreciate early 20th century decorative hardware designs is to watch classic films from the 1930’s. As a door furniture specialist, one movie I recently watched caught my attention. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1934), captures the glamour and excitement of vacationing in a luxury ski resort in St. Moritz, Switzerland. A key scene hinges on a very fashionable Bauhaus-inspired design lever lockset. A man is mysteriously shot at a party, and with his last breaths, he hands over a key to his room to his dancing partner, with instructions on where to get an important [...]

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” – Bauhaus Door Lever2021-10-29T18:21:15-05:00

The Kenwood House, London

The Kenwood House, London. In early April last year I visited the magnificent Kenwood House in Hampstead, London. The feature films Sense and Sensibility and Notting Hill were filmed here in 1995 and 1999, respectfully. During the late 1750s William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield commissioned the most famous of the three Adam Brothers, Robert Adam (1728-1792), to remodel the mansion with the most fashionable neoclassical interiors of the period. Purchased by the Anglo-Irish philanthropist Lord Iveagh of Guinness brewing fame in 1925, it was donated to the British nation in 1927 upon his death. The Adam Brothers were known for including Roman decorative motifs like garlands, vases, urns, arabesque vine scrolls, swags and ribbons on their [...]

The Kenwood House, London2021-10-09T15:54:01-05:00

Classic Brass Park Lane

With Mid-century modern design influences, the Classic Brass Park Lane collection cabinet knob and pull with their gentle curves are a contemporary representation of the best of fluid American design.

Classic Brass Park Lane2021-09-21T14:48:08-05:00

Classic Brass Hutter

Cabinet knobs with concentric circles are geometric rational representations of Classical thought. The attractive Hutter knob by Classic Brass is the epitome of this design statement.

Classic Brass Hutter2021-09-08T14:48:24-05:00

Armac Martin

Armac Martin Armac Martin, the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of luxury cabinet knobs and pulls, has made exceptional cast and machined hardware since 1929 in Birmingham, England. Beautiful Armac Martin finishes are available in polished, antiqued, satin and patinated brasses. Hand-polished electroplated nickels and chromes, for maximum durability and richness of finish, are also available. Bespoke services are offered, including CAD technical drawings and resin 3D printed prototypes for custom knobs and pulls. Manufacturer's catalogue: armacmartin.co.uk Shop best-selling Armac Martin products in our online store.

Armac Martin2021-11-02T18:20:36-05:00