Armac Martin Slot Head Wood Screws

Traditional cabinet hardware was installed by hand screwdrivers using slot screws. Slot heads are the most attractive of screw head designs and are installed mostly in luxury residential homes today.

With few exceptions, slot head screws should be installed vertically, a convention that became established in the English-speaking world during Victorian times when the Gothic Revival emphasized vertical lines leading the eye to heaven.

Modern Robertson (square) head and Philips (cross) head wood screws are useful for electric drills as the drill bit can hold the screw for fast and easy installation. (Interestingly, P.L. Robertson of Milton, Ontario was granted a patent in 1909 for his industrial square headed wood screw invention. His limestone house has been preserved and overlooks Milton Pond).

As power screwdrivers can be used for square and cross head screws, they are not associated with high-end residential interiors; only hand screwdriver-installed slot screws are considered superior in appearance.

Solid brass traditional slot headed screws are available from Armac Martin of Birmingham, England. This manufacturer of the United Kingdom’s finest cabinet hardware sells small boxes of 12 wood screws separately in more than 20 finishes in both 6 and 8 gauges with a ¾” length.