ADH United Kingdom Team

Luke, President

Luke is the grandson of ADH founder Harold Shearer. He previously supplied commercial and institutional door hardware, after studying landscape architecture at Fanshawe College in London, Canada. Since 2015, as president, Luke’s leadership has resulted in ADH Fine Hardware becoming Toronto’s premier distributor of luxury residential door and handle hardware.

Alex, Bespoke Consultant

Alex graduated from Durham College, in Whitby, Canada, in CNC Mechanical Technology – Tool and Die. With qualified practical skills in mechanical technology, Alex communicates technical requirements for the machining of ADH custom-milled cabinet fittings to our manufacturers.

Russell, UK Business Development

Russell completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and business studies at Royal Holloway College in London. He introduced ADH to the UK at the 100% Design Show in September 2018 with Joseph. Russell is a dual citizen of the UK and Canada. Russell is the writer and project manager for this website.

Victoria, UK Business Development

After receiving a Bachelor of Design in 2018 from OCAD University in Toronto, Victoria joined the ADH sales team, promoting cabinet knobs and handles. Victoria is a dual citizen of the UK and Canada. She is also responsible for graphic design on this website.

Joseph, UK Business Support

As a carpenter previously for fine homes in Toronto, Joseph always enjoys the challenge of completing luxury cabinet and door furniture projects. Joseph enjoyed introducing ADH Fine Hardware at the 100% Design Show in Kensington with Russell.

Duke, Chief Canine Officer

While Duke’s dignity, strength and regal appearance is appreciated by ADH clients, what matters most is our Great Dane’s gentle personality. As the American humourist, Josh Billings, famously stated, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Duke is pleased to receive biscuits from British clients.