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ADH cabinet and door hardware products complement the most attractive homes in Ontario and Quebec.  Well-designed cabinet knobs, pulls and architectural door hardware have been supplied to our clients for many decades by our expert sales team. We are proud of our exceptional reputation for product quality and excellent service.

This blog offers our insights on superior residential cabinet and door hardware within historical, technical and interior design/architectural contexts.

Water Street Brass Madison

Madison The minimalist machine Bauhaus style from the 1920s is void of ornamentation. Functionalism is paramount. As Mies van der Rohe, the famous Modernist German-American architect stated, “Less is More!”. Shop our online store for Madison Cabinet Hardware -rs

Alex Apreda at Water Street Brass

Alex Apreda of ADH Fine Hardware visited Water Street Brass in Western New York State and filmed cabinet hardware being manufactured in their state-of the-art facilities. High quality Water Street knobs and pulls are machined with precision tooling by American craftspeople with exceptional talents. Unlike sand and [...]

Chrome & Nickel Finishes

Chrome versus Nickel. Cabinet knobs and handles, door knobs, levers, hinges and various other types of decorative and architectural door hardware require finishes that complement the colours found in the paints, tiles, stone, wood and glass frames. Often we are mistakenly asked at ADH Fine Hardware to [...]

System M32+ Concealed Pivot Hinge by FritsJurgens

ADH Fine Hardware is pleased to supply the exceptional System M family of concealed pivot hinges. Manufactured by FritsJurgens in The Netherlands, these hinges are concealed within doors when open or closed without typical unsightly side-plates on the bottom of doors. The newer System [...]