All of us here at Antique Door & Hardware enjoy working with partners who not only make door and cabinet hardware, but who also have a passion for its design, art and craftsmanship.

Most of the companies we work with either work exclusively in hardware, or have always made hardware part of their product offering. But at least one of our partners only started designing drawer and cabinet knobs and pulls as a natural extension of their background in interior design, lighting and crystals.

Matthew Studios

Matthew is a rabbit. Matthew doesn’t design cabinet hardware, but the person who cares for him does.

Katherine Wildt O’Brien grew up with a Mother whom Katherine says “would change (lamp shades and lighting fixtures) like most women would change their earrings.” The transformations that rooms went through with each new fixture or shade amazed Katherine, giving her a sense that they held magical powers.

Her love of crystals took flight when she began a job in a Gem-Stone Shop as a teenager. The shop owner, an eccentric West Indian grandmother, passed along a deep appreciation of gemstones and their mystical properties; an appreciation that remains with Katherine to this day in the form of the gem-stones she constantly carries with her for luck.

Following an education in fine and visual arts, and a career in interior design, fine furniture and, of course, lighting design, Katherine established Matthew Studios. Katherine’s work blends her knowledge of design with her appreciation of natural materials and love of lighting.

Over the years, Matthew Studios offerings have grown from hand-made lighting products to include furniture and accessories. Most recently, Matthew Studios has added lines of cabinet hardware, including knobs and pulls in beautiful polished metal finishes with natural, rock-crystal handles.

You can view the gorgeous line of Matthew Studios’ cabinet hardware at ADH’s locations in Toronto and Oakville.