How important is your kitchen? OK, aside from its obvious usefulness as the place where you store and prepare all the food you eat, your kitchen probably plays more roles in your home than any other room.

From being the place where everyone ends up at parties, to being a homework spot, family meeting room and bill-paying office, your kitchen is probably the space around which most of your family’s home life revolves.

As if that wasn’t enough, unlike grandma’s kitchen, which was probably designed just for functionality, today’s kitchens are as much a target for interior design, décor and ambiance as any room in the house.

Of all the things you need to think about when redesigning your kitchen, including appliances, backsplashes, cabinets, countertops – not to mention the flooring and lighting – the last one on your list, if it’s on the list at all, is your kitchen cabinet and drawer hardware.

You can go with the basic cabinet hardware that comes with the cabinetry you choose, or you can make the hardware the design detail that sets your kitchen apart from the rest.

Check out the images below that we found on Pinterest to get an idea of the role that your cabinet handles and drawer pulls can play in the overall look and feel – and functionality – of your kitchen.

  • The Two-Tone Kitchen – An attractive combination of the bright airiness of white, with the dark elegance of deep grey, the finishing touch on this kitchen is the hardware. Its brass finish, echoing the tones of the accessories, gives a third, transitional colour that takes the edge off the stark contrast of the light and dark.
  • Clean Lines – Notice how the clean lines and finish of this hardware mirrors the lines of the refrigerator handles and finish.
  • A Handle for Every Purpose – Maximizing the storage space in your kitchen is usually a main goal of any redesign. This clever pull-out offers a place for items that are usually left cluttering a countertop. But its slim design means that not just any handle would do.

Yes, you can go with standard cabinet hardware, but none of the beautiful kitchens above would be possible if the homeowner took that route. For more architectural kitchen cabinet hardware design ideas, contact us at here at ADH, we have lots of them!