You probably already use your windowsills for storage, but you don’t realize it. To show you what we mean, think about the sill in your kitchen. It probably has a couple plants because of the great light they get in the morning. And you probably keep some other things there, like your dish detergent, or an old bottle with coloured glass.

Now what if you put some thought into that windowsill as an actual place to keep things and make you life easier in the kitchen, or at least make the kitchen look better?

Are you always looking for your ceramic tea pot and end up having to dig it out of a too-high or too-low cupboard? Or an extra set of salt and pepper shakers that you can never find in the middle of a recipe? Or your favourite demitasse coffee cup set?

Not only does keeping all of these things on the sill keep them at hand, you can use your creativity to actually make them part of the décor of the room.

The Bathroom Sill

You can use the windowsill in your washroom in lots of ways, especially if it’s a smaller room, like in an apartment or condo. If you find your sink or medicine cabinet are always overflowing, free-up some space by using some matching see-through containers to keep certain ‘staples’ of the bathroom, like cotton swabs and soap.

Every Other Room in the House

Window sills are great places to keep books and games, like backgammon and cribbage, either in the living room or in your children’s bedroom. And you can add a dash of greenery with a plant as a bookend.

If you’re still not sold on the window sill as a storage space, think about it as an outlet for your creativity.

Capture some of the beautiful light that shines through the window in a framed piece of stained glass. Or make the sill an exclusive place for some of your favourite art or curios. And don’t forget to add unique window hardware to your wooden windows to complete the effect.

Whatever you decide to do with them, it’s time to think of the windowsill as more than just a great place to grow plants.