In a world that seems bent on offering us more options for almost anything we buy, from breakfast cereals to computer printers, there are those among us who would rather not have that much choice.

In fact, having too many options can have an almost paralyzing effect on us when we’re not really sure which one to choose.

Door and cabinet hardware finishes may be one of the worst offenders for offering lots of selection. But there’s a reason it’s that way. Your hardware can make or break your room decor and ambience.

But that still doesn’t solve the problem for how to choose the right hardware finish. The following tips should help

Let the Room Give You Direction

When you decorate a room, you probably start with a vision of the overall room, including things like colours, overall design style, furniture and so on. When you leave the choice of hardware finish to the end, you can let the previous choices guide your selection.

You Don’t Have to Make a Single Choice

You see it on the fashion runways of Paris and in home décor trends. A ‘mash-up’ of colours, textures and styles can work if applied in the right balance. For your hardware, that means you can use different finishes, colours, even styles, and still have a very on-trend decor.

Express Yourself

Always be looking for ideas, but instead of imitating them, use them to create an idea resource from which you can come up with your own direction. Don’t hesitate to ignore the normal rules (or tips like the ones listed here!) if you find an idea that goes against them, but that inspires you.

Hardware and accessories can be the one element of your décor that pulls all the others together. You shouldn’t underestimate their importance for the look and feel of a room or the entire home.