Unless you have a Downton-Abbey-sized kitchen, there are times when you find yourself wishing you had more counter space, or more cupboards, or more drawers – and larger versions of each thing too.

The answer for many is to redecorate or renovate. But, even as there are always bigger drawers and more spacious cupboards available, you eventually get back to the point of not having enough space.

It’s All in How You Organize

Your kitchen is the most unique room in your home it does a job that none of the other rooms can do. It’s the place where you keep and prepare your food. It’s the place where everyone hangs out at parties. It’s where you often have family meetings, it’s the place where you start every day.

If you can’t face another reno and/or redecorate to get more space in your kitchen, you have only one choice. Organize it better. And here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Add Stacking Shelves on Countertops

If you’ve run out of ways to add more counter space, make better use of what you have. Stacking shelves leave space open beneath them, and give you additional space above.

2. Section the Drawers

Bigger drawers are great, until they get so full of stuff that you can’t find anything. Use smaller storage bins to create sections and help organize what’s in the drawer.

3. Add Curtain or Closet Rods to Walls

You can hang just about anything from them, like pots, towels, cooking utensils, etc.. And when you do, you free up the space those things to occupy.

4. Put Up Pegboard

In a way, your kitchen is like a work room where you have tools that you use to create things. Pegboard is used the world over to keep workroom tools organized and it can do the same in your kitchen.

In the end, there’s lots of space available in even crowded kitchens. You just have to organize to find it.