There’s an advantage to working with some of the most creative door hardware designers and manufacturers in the world.

Their skills in creating unique and innovative designs for the knobs, pulls and handles that we use every day in our bathrooms and kitchens can do wonders in creating other accessories for the home.

We have worked with Sun Valley Bronze for a number of years to bring you their unmistakable hardware products, which they design and develop in their Bellevue, Idaho, facilities.

The brainchild of carpenter Bob Commons, who saw an opportunity to create better hardware that what he found available on the market, Sun Valley’s products have been installed in the Ritz Carlton, Puerto Rico, and has also been featured on Martha Stewart’s show and website.

The hallmark of Sun Valley Bronze’s creation is the unique look and feel of their finished products. Starting with the finest quality art-grade bronze to ensure consistent castings and quality throughout every product, the bronze is heated and cast to precise specifications. The remarkable look and feel of the finished product comes from hand-applied, non-toxic patinas that take the place of time and nature to oxidize copper and other alloys. The process gives bronze a deep, aged look and feel.

Like all artisans, those at Sun Valley Bronze seek out new ways to challenge themselves and to express their love of bronze work. Most recently, Sun Valley has created and released a number of home furnishing accessories that carries their unmistakable finish throughout your home.

  • Otto Floor Lamp

Standing over a metre tall and available in a broad range of finishes and lamp shade fabric colour options, this distinctive floor lamp will light up any living or family room with a warm glow that can only come from bronze.

  • Berkley Side Table

Featuring the same post-industrial design cues of the Otto Floor Lamp, the Berkley Side Table is the perfect complement to the lamp and is available with a square-edge clear glass top or a square-edge walnut top

You can see a full-range of Sun Valley Bronze door and cabinet hardware, and the Otto floor lamp and Berkeley side table the next time you visit ADH Fine Hardware. Or Contact Us to learn more.