How long has it been since you’ve been saying that you want to remodel your kitchen? It’s kind of always in the back of your mind, right? Kitchens and bathrooms add the most value to your home and you probably spend as much time in your kitchen as in any other room of your home.

Unfortunately, that popularity, combined with the complexities of plumbing and electrical connections for stoves and fridges, makes kitchen remodeling a relatively expensive project.

But still it’s in the back of your mind to do it.

How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without the High Cost

Your kitchen cabinets are a major part of the décor and ambience of your kitchen. But even installing new cabinets can be quite costly. But, if you managed to repaint your kitchen cabinets, and choose new cabinet and drawer hardware, the result would look and feel not only like a new set of cabinets, but almost like a complete kitchen makeover.

Here’s how to quickly and easily paint your kitchen cabinets, add new hardware and give your kitchen a much needed face-lift.

1. Prepare the Cabinets for Painting

Try to separate as many pieces as possible, like removing cabinet doors and drawers. Take off the old cabinet and drawer handles and pulls, it’s too time consuming to tape them and the result won’t be as good

Thoroughly clean the cabinet doors and frames by scrubbing off the grease and grime that builds up in every kitchen. Make sure to let everything dry completely before filling any blemishes in the wood.

2. Sand the Cabinets

Roughen every cabinet surface you can with 120-grit sandpaper. Always sand in the direction of the woodgrain. Wipe all surfaces clean of the dust from sanding.

3. Prepare the Kitchen for Painting

Even if you paint the doors and drawers in a workroom, you’ll still need to paint your cabinet frames while they are in place. Cover floors, countertops and appliances with drop sheets.

4. Prime the Cabinets

Your kitchen is tough on paint. That means a good primer coat is needed to make sure it is up to the task and to provide good adhesion for finishing coats. Let the primer dry at least to the specifications on the paint can before applying more coats or finishing paint.

5. Paint the Cabinets

Apply latex paint that will dry to a gloss finish (that makes the cabinets easier to clean) using a small roller. It’s best to use paint made specifically for kitchens. Use a small brush to smooth paint seams and between creases on the surface of the cabinets.

6. Reassemble Your Cabinets

When your last finishing coat is completely dry, reattach the cabinet doors and reinsert the drawers.

7. Add Your New Door and Drawer Hardware and Accessories

It’s best to leave the cabinet hardware to the end to avoid scratches and damage while you reattach the doors and drawers.

Voila! In less than a weekend, and for only a couple hundred dollars, you have given your kitchen a new, renovated look and feel. So now you can start thinking about renovating your bathroom