Your front door probably plays as many different roles as any other single part of your home.

First and foremost, it must protect your family, home and belongings from intruders. And it must do so while presenting an image that fits with the overall look and design of your home in a way that increases your home’s curb appeal. Then it needs to keep out heat in summer and cold in winter – not to mention the rain, wind, hail, snow and everything else the wide-ranging Toronto climate can throw at it.

It’s a tough job and when it comes time to replace your front door, you need to find one that can do it all while adding to the overall pride and pleasure you get from your home. To help you make the right choice, here are the main types of doors you can choose from and some of the features that you can consider.


The all-time classic, wood doors have been protecting homes for longer than anyone knows. A true classic, nothing can quite match the beauty of the grain on a wooden door. Unfortunately, their popularity can make them somewhat costly, but if you can find one in a standard size with an insulated core, you’ll get the classic look for less and save money on energy costs too.


If strength and safety are your goals, steel doors are your best bet. And they are usually your least expensive option. They don’t warp and are fairly easy to repair with a body repair kit for cars. But remember that you’ll probably need to replace a steel door sooner than the other main types.


An increasingly popular choice, fiberglass doors are strong and durable, and they can be made to imitate the look of wood. While lightweight, they will likely last longer than other types of doors and they also offer excellent energy efficiency.

Regardless of which type of door you choose, it’s only the first step. One you’ve decided on a material, you can choose from different colours and finishes. Glass inserts are an option that will add more light inside your home. You can also choose your own door hardware and accessories to create an overall look that matches your home and makes your door unique.