It happens when you take your interior design and home décor talents to a certain point. Maybe you’ve redecorated a few times and, after each project, your knowledge of design expands and your tastes become more refined.

But, even if you develop quite a talent for interior decorating, sometimes your progress can plateau. You’re a master of colours, you can tackle rooms and spaces of all shapes and sizes, and you have a real eye for balance and harmony. Even the latest trends aren’t an issue because you follow all the right blogs, go to all the right shows and presentations, and you’ve been known to drop into real estate open houses just to check out the décor.

So where do you go from there?

How to Continue Expanding Your design Horizons

If you look at the progression in the importance of elements in interior design, you’ll notice that each of them plays a progressively smaller role in the overall design, while at the same time being the thing that sets a particular design apart from the rest.

Here’s what we mean: wall and floor colour and texture are a very important part of the ambiance of any room. Next, somewhat less important, but still crucial, are the main pieces of furniture, followed by the secondary furniture, accessories, window coverings etc., etc..

If your walls and floors are beautiful, with nicely balanced furniture placement and textures, then maybe your wall coverings will be the thing that takes the room to the next level.

It’s a progression of increasingly smaller points of detail, and its necessary to continue to explore and take advantage of new ways to set your home décor apart.

Your Door Hardware

One of the last frontiers of interior design detail is door hardware. When you get to that level of detail in the design of your room, you’ll be struck by two things.

  1. How much difference something as seemingly small an unobtrusive as a door handle can make to the overall look and feel of a room
  2. How many options you have for door hardware.

That second point can be particularly frustrating. Once you appreciate the importance of the right knob or lever on a door, you start to envision the perfect one for your project. Yet it feels like you check out hundreds or thousands of door sets only to find that none of them are quite right.

Design Your Own Door Hardware

Fortunately, a number of leading door hardware designers and manufacturers, including Baldwin Hardwareand Rocky Mountain Hardware, give you the opportunity to mix and match escutcheons, handles and finishes so you can literally design the handle you’re looking for.

The “design your own” features on both sites are very easy – even fun – to use, letting you simply click on a style, colour, finish, etc., all while showing how each of your choices look as you make changes. Even the door the hardware appears on can be customized to match the doors on which you’ll be using the hardware.

If you’re looking for any other architectural door hardware design ideas, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit the store.