OK, first of all, the antimicrobial door hardware that we’re talking about here is intended for use in healthcare and recreational facilities. But it will find its way into residential hardware designs sooner than later.

Actually, you could have antimicrobial door hardware right now, but generally only by adding a coating to your door handles – a coating that wears off or can be scratched off the surface of the handle over time.

What is “Antimicrobial Hardware”?

Like the name suggests, antimicrobial means the hardware, whether from a temporary coating or permanent properties, actually kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, including harmful bacteria. The potential for the use of antimicrobial hardware in health care and recreational facilities is to reduce the spread of viruses and diseases in places where they are more likely to exist.

The Permanent Antimicrobial Door Hardware

Rocky Mountain Hardware, whose products you can get right here at ADH, announced late in January that they have teamed with HOK Product Design to develop Verdura, a collection of antimicrobial door hardwaredesigned for healthcare facilities, spas and wellness centres.

Unlike current antimicrobial products that you apply to hardware, which can be removed, Verdura is permanently antimicrobial.

What’s the Secret? The entire Verdura collection is made from CuVerro®, a new-generation bactericidal copper. It’s the first solid material used for a door hardware collection to be registered with the U.S. EPA to kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria within two hours. And it does so permanently as the antibacterial properties never wash off or wear out.

Not only will CuVerro® help reduce the spread of bacteria, it’s really good for the environment too. It’s made from 95% post-consumer waste, including old copper wire, and it is 100% recyclable.