Whether you’re an interior designer, or a homeowner with a flair for home décor, you know the importance of the hardware on your doors for achieving the look and feel you want for the room. You could research all you want, shop ‘til you drop and spend lots of time and money, but if the look of your door handles and locksets don’t complement it, there will always be something missing from your décor.

There are two main elements that contribute to the appearance, and therefore its suitability for your overall decor, of door hardware.

The Design – Design gives the hardware its overall style. Whether it’s a sleek contemporary, an ornate antique or an exquisite eclectic, the design of the hardware follows the overall direction of your ideas. If the style of your room is modern, there’s very little chance that you’ll get an antique style to work.

The Finish – The finish of the hardware is not just about matching the colours of your décor. When you start thinking of different finishes for the same hardware set, you start getting an idea of how you can take things to another level.

Imagine that intricate antique design, that now features an “aged” brushed brass or iron finish, in bright silver. Same hardware, entirely different feel – one that you might not have considered when you began thinking of your design.

New Trends in Hardware Finish

Again, whether you’re a professional designer or just renovating your home, you have one “constant quest”, and that is to spot the latest design trends. At home, you want something new and fresh, something different than anything you’ve had before. As a designer, you want something that your customers will find interesting; something they haven’t seen from any other designer.

While there are always a number of trends floating around the design world, if there is any one trend in hardware finishes that stands above the others as we start off 2016, it’s Satin Brass. One reason for its recent surge in popularity of satin brass is its versatility. You can use it as a finish on just about any hardware design style.

To answer the call, one of our long-time door hardware partners, Emtek, released a number of satin-finished brass pieces in 2015, one of which will be sure to be worth at least a consideration for your ideas.

If you would like to talk about making your ideas a reality and see some of the latest door hardware designs and trends, please stop by the shop for a visit or give us a call.