It’s well known that the kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms when it comes time determine a home’s value. Buyers are more concerned and impressed with nice kitchens and bathrooms than any other part or aspect of a home. It’s so powerful that even smaller bathrooms that are better designed and decorated are more attractive than the larger ones that most people say they want.

But in many cases, unless they’re thinking of selling, many homeowners neglect the design and décor of their bathrooms. It’s unfortunate because a few simple design guidelines can make a huge difference in your bathroom décor and the pleasure you get from it.

If it’s time to renovate and redecorate your bathroom, you know how important your choices of fixtures, colours and accessories will be. Making choices can be very difficult when you have to pick a style and put all the matching pieces together.

But, by using a few principles of interior architectural design, you can give yourself the direction you need to have the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

  1. Balance – Have you ever been in a bathroom, or any room in a home, and thought, “everything’s nice, but it still doesn’t feel right”? In the bathroom, that happens when fixtures are placed for practicality, but visually they are out of balance. Usability is important, but if you are in a room that feels off balance, you may never be entirely comfortable. While you might not have lots of choice in where to place tubs, toilets and sinks, architectural accessories like towel racks and shelves can add the balance. The ease of taking in a room visually is as important as the ease of using the room.
  2. Focal Point – Every room benefits from having a focal point. In the livingroom, the focal point is often the couch. In a bathroom, it’s a little more difficult to have one piece that captures attention. This is where architectural accessories can make a difference. Even if your bathroom vanity is not an eye-catcher, by choosing cabinet knobs and handles and perhaps a pond sink, you can turn it into the room’s focal point, one that sets the mood for the ambience of the entire room.
  3. Rhythm – Even with balance and a focal point, bathroom décor can still be uninspiring. Adding rhythm to the décor, by repeating shapes around the room, will make it more pleasing on the eye.

If you would like to see the importance of a bathroom’s accessories, including door handles, cabinet knobs, sinks and faucets, just imagine any designer bathroom you see, in a magazine or on the web, without the accessories.