Too often we think of door locks as doing one job: making it as difficult as possible for an unwanted person to open the door from the outside. In some cases, like bank vaults, the effort to keep people from getting in means that, if you’re locked inside, you can’t get out.

The reality for many of today’s door lock scenarios is that they have to play multiple roles.

If you have a regular job and young children, you will probably use daycare service at some point in time.

Of course you want your children to be a safe as possible at the daycare, so you would expect then to have fairly secure locks. But, unlike a bank vault, you want your children to be able to get out quickly and easily in the case of emergencies. That means no using a key, or turning a deadbolt, or removing a chain.

In other words, you want a lock that is very secure against entry, but that works like a regular, unlocked door for exit.

The Single Action Lock

Whether it’s for your child’s daycare or if you have any other residential or business need for a secure lock that opens from the inside with just a twist of its handle, you’re looking for a single action door lock.

Both for locks activated with a key from the outside, or from the inside by a thumb-turn, a quick, simple turn of the knob or push of the handle will open a single action lock form the inside. Other varieties will even open a deadbolt lock. And the door remains open even after it closes behind you, so there is never any worry about locking yourself out.

Standard single-action locks are made to fit most common door configurations and specialized versions are made ready for doors that need particular preparation requirements.

In any case, when you want to keep people out without making it any more difficult to get out, single action locks will do the trick.